The purpose of this timeline is to show how uConnect Telecom® has evolved over time.

Leaders always look toward
the future.

uConnect Telecom® was established in 2012 focused on innovation, quality of services and proximity to the customer.

With a team involved and committed to the results through planned and simplified choices, we have had incredible changes since the beginning of uConnect Telecom®. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” (Leonardo Da Vinci).

2012 - The beginning of uConnect Telecom®

After thirty years of experience together in national and multinational companies, two friends, Fernando and André, see a tremendous business opportunity in the development of a B2B technology services company.

2014 - Our first fair as an exhibitor

Beginning of our participation as an exhibitor at fairs.

2016 - New logo

Aiming to expand our horizons, in 2016 we redesigned our logo, so that it could better represent our business, demonstrating: structure, precision, simplicity, resolvability, expansion, connections, branching and scalability.

2016 - Our team

Part of uConnect Telecom® employees working in a multinational in the steel sector.

2018 - Our commitment to quality

Aiming at improving the company's internal processes, in addition to controlling, monitoring and, above all, increasing our customers' satisfaction, in 2016 we began meeting the MEG (Management Excellence Model) criteria. This encouraged us in the following year to also direct our efforts to increase the organization's maturity through a certification with global recognition, where our entire team could be involved. Thus, in 2018, we were awarded the 9001:2015 certification (Quality Management System – QMS) recognized in Brazil by INMETRO and internationally by UKAS, proving our ability to provide high quality services and deliver consistent results that respect your investment.

2019 - Awards

We received the award for outstanding company in health and safety from one of our customers, a multinational leader in steel manufacturing.

2023 - Invests in USA

Following our international expansion plan, in 2023 we started our operations in the US (Miami office), enabling us to diversify our investments, access one of the largest technology markets and show potential customers that the technology implemented, quality assurance, thorougness and efficiency implemented by uConnect Telecom® is a competitive differential for your company.

2024 - Non-stop development

Technology is something perishable. The constant search for evolution makes us better than we were yesterday. Our employees are trained every year (quality management, technology and health and safety), in order to deliver the highest level of quality combined with safe and reliable means of transmission.

CTO Company

Seeing the future means investing in technology, making it a competitive differentiator for your company.

CFO Company

To connect people is a commitment of uConnect Telecom® so that this information is received, interconnected and sent through the highest technology in network infrastructure

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